How to improve your restaurant’s lighting

When it comes to setting a luminous environment while dining in a restaurant, lighting can play an important part. The use of lighting helps to bring out certain emotions depending on the purpose of your restaurant’s space, while also highlighting features in your establishment, linking to the food and the quality.

Consider Opening Hours

Keep in mind that whatever type of lighting you choose, it will need to fit around your restaurant’s hours of operation, especially if you serve breakfast, dinner and lunch.

For instance, if you serve breakfast, you will need bright light to help wake customers up and enable them to read menus and newspapers, whereas at dinner time, lighting should be more dim and easy on the eyes so customers can relax.

Determine The Mood

Creating different mood depends on the functions and formality of your restaurant.

Fast food chains should use lighting to draw attention to a specific area such as the ordering counter and help to increase the flow of customers. For larger dining areas the lighting will need to be uniform and bright enough for customers to read menus whereas bars may use side lights and candles on tables to create a more intimate setting.


Direct customers’ eyes to interesting focal points in your restaurant by highlighting pieces of artwork, sculptural elements, fountains, or even parts of your restaurant like a bar, large menu board, open kitchen, or the entrance to draw attention to these areas.

Accent lighting, such as creating illuminated focal points, is brighter than ambient lighting, making it stand out.